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RED IS BAD is the brand for people who cherish their freedom and who are proud of Polish history.
We remind people of forgotten heroes and of the struggle for independence taken up by our ancestors. We are from here. We don’t want to give up our tradition. We are not afraid to take matters into our own hands. We believe in the private initiative and hard work. Top tier quality and Polish manufacturing are of key importance to us.
Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence that RED IS BAD was born here, in Poland.
In a land with a beautiful history whose people hold freedom very dearly.
It was the Polish who stopped the red wave in 1920, thus saving Europe from the Bolshevik flood. It was Poland where the largest and most perfectly organized resistance was set up during World War II. It was the Poles who never came to terms with the Soviet rule. It was here where the heroes of the underground fought against the Communists up to 1963 and it was here where the decay of Stalin’s empire of evil started. Memory of those deeds lets us be optimistic about the future today.

Paweł and Kuba – How Red is Bad started

We’ve known each other since high school. It was the time of the European Union accession referendum in Poland. We had already been going against the flow back then. We were the only people in our class who were against Poland’s accession to the EU, which was considered quite unusual. After we graduated, we went our separate ways only to meet again in 2012. It all began with a Facebook page, run after work, which was a way to express our disappointment with the direction in which Poland and its politics had been drifting. Custom graphics published on the fan page which commented on the current events and reminded of beautiful, and often painful, moments from our history were received exceptionally well. The number of our fans began to increase. There were more and more suggestions to make t-shirts featuring graphics related to those posted on Facebook. Not thinking long, we decided to take our chances and invest all our savings and made the first batch of t-shirts which sold out in no time. That was the beginning of a long road to the point where we are today. It is hard to believe that just 2 years ago our office and warehouse were located in Paweł’s bedroom, and the whole design department consisted of one person – Kuba. To cut it short: through the first year we did everything by ourselves. The thing which we keep stressing is the fact that the whole project was born without any EU subsidies or rich investors. Our capital was comprised of people’s kindness and a huge involvement from our fans on Facebook. Thanks to those people and our hard work all day every day, within only two years we managed to build a firmly operating clothing brand.

Polish manufacturing = top quality

We make our clothes in Poland. It is really important to us. We try our best to get all Poland-made components for RED IS BAD products.
Fabric, labels, zippers, leather, drawstrings, patches, inks, dyes etc. – it’s all made here, in Poland. We take a lot of pleasure in discovering the potential of local, often small, workshops which survived the hard times of communism and the 1990s and are still able to provide top-quality products. We can proudly say, “Polish manufacturing. Polish quality.”

RED IS BAD is not only clothing

From the very beginning we have been actively involved in helping combatants, promoting historical and freedom-related events as well as community actions. We were honored to co-organize an action which led to putting up the statue of cavalry captain Witold Pilecki. We use our funds in helping to promote patriotic films such as “Pilecki”, which was created without any subsidies from the state, or “Historia Roja” (“The Story of Rój”) – the first motion picture about the Cursed Soldiers. We also support talented Polish sports athletes. You can find more info on our actions and initiatives at www.redisbad.pl/informacja/63/nasze-akcje
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