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Polish manufacturing

All the materials from which we make our clothes, labels, sweat-cloths, leathers, dyes and inks, patches etc. have been made in Poland.
The knitting shop where we buy cotton belongs to the Gdynia Cotton Association (PL: Izba Bawełny w Gdyni). One of the membership criteria is using top-quality cotton yarns in the production process. The material for producing cotton fabrics comes from suppliers who have a long tradition on the Polish textile market and meets all quality requirements, confirmed by appropriate certificates.
The knitting shop where we buy fabrics examines all of its products.  Every roll of fabric that is produced is examined on a testing machine. It enables them to reject those products which do not meet quality standards at the beginning of the fabric’s finishing process.
All cotton and other fabrics are examined after the finishing process. It means that the parameters of color durability, shrinkage, sweat and torsion resistance are determined.
The new knit fabric which we use to make sweatshirts = topmost quality and innovative approach to production, and all made in Poland!
The tests of the new knit fabric (for sweatshirts, sweatpants etc.) were performed for over 3 months. The production of that material took less than 2 months. It is the pinnacle of durability and quality. We are not a huge well-known company where attention to quality and detail is no longer paid because you are focused on turnover and intentionally produce garments that wear out faster, so that people would buy the next piece (see large retail chains). We are a small Polish business, or actually a small group of people, who believe in what they are doing, who do it out of passion, and who care to produce simply the best-quality apparel here in Poland. We give that a lot of thought and attention. The thing we keep repeating, that it is possible to produce topmost-quality items in Poland, is not just a slogan but a reality which we deal with every day going around sewing rooms, knitting shops, cutting rooms, screen prints etc. It really is possible!
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