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Orders for goods purchased in pre-sales will be processed within a maximum period of 30 business days (30 days is the maximum time and it often turns out to be much less than that).

ATTENTION! We follow the principle of processing orders according to the date and time of their placement, i.e. first come, first served.

FOR EXAMPLE: on the 1/1/2015 you pre-order “The Cursed Soldiers – Victoria” T-shirt, size L, and it turns out that the T-shirt has already been in production for some time, therefore we will send it to you on 7/1/2015 which means that instead of waiting 30 days, you will wait only 4 business days. Let’s assume the total number of T-shirts of this design produced in one batch is 20 pieces. If 21 pieces are pre-ordered, we send them according to the date and time of orders for it. Therefore, the 21st person will not receive the T-shirt after 4 days, but a little later, after the next batch has been produced, but no later than 30 business days.

The only payment methods we accept in pre-sales are quick payments via PayU and traditional bank transfers. Failure to pay within 7 days from the date of placing your pre-sale order may result in the deletion of the order, upon prior attempt on our part to contact you. You will receive the information necessary for a traditional bank transfer in a pre-sale order confirmation email sent automatically. In case of any problems with PayU payments, within 2 days, you will receive 2 emails with a unique link which will enable you to make the PayU payment again. In case of problems with finding the email containing the link or an order confirmation email containing bank transfer data, please check the SPAM folder.

If you purchase some pre-sold products and some already available products, the order will be sent only after being assembled completely. For example: you buy 4 T-shirts 3 of which are readily available and 1 is bought in pre-sales. In this case the order will be sent after we have got it all together (just as with pre-sales – up to 30 business days), as there is no possibility to send the order in parts.

Special offers apply to products purchased in pre-sales as well as to readily available ones (i.e. free shipping for orders over 250 PLN and discounts).

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